Must-know things before purchasing Australian Opal Necklace

Unlike diamonds, there is no rule that a large opal stone costs higher than a smaller one. The quality of the color and body tone and the quantity of precious opal the stone has is the main thing you should watch before purchasing an Australian Opal Necklace.

Opals are one of the most precious stones that you can own easily. Unlike most other gemstones, each opal stone is personal and distinctive. The eye-catching beauty and uniqueness of opal stones make them unique. This is the main reason why opals are sought-after by many sellers and jewelry lovers around the world. But, what do you know about these opal stones? What is an opal made of or how is it formed? Yes, it time to know about know some interesting facts about these precious stones. The word Opal is believed to be derived from the Latin word “Opalus” – meaning a precious stone. Opal stones that are considered as one of the precious stones in the world is used to make Australian opal necklace. Moreover, opals stones are believed to bring good luck to the wearer.

Australian Opal gemstone signifies hope, fortune, purity, and innocence. It is one of the most beautiful and expensive gemstones in the whole world. Some of the opals stones contain a unique play of colors when rotated and some do not. The wide range of patterns and flashes of colors make them a stylish accompaniment to almost any outfit. They have been used by jewelers for a long time and in recent years have skyrocketed to becoming one of the most trending gemstones to wear.

Facts about Australian Opal Necklace

Purchasing the best Australian opal necklace from a jewelry shop is one of the most complicated things. There are endless types of opal necklaces available in the market and you will need to consider certain special factors before deciding on the jewelry. Some of the important factors that you must consider include size, type, color, brilliance, pattern, etc. Having a clear knowledge about opal stones will help you to make sure that you aren’t getting ripped off. Here is a list of facts about Australian opal stones that are used in jewelry.

  1. Types of Opal stones used to make necklaces

They are different types of opal stones that you must know about before you decide to buy. The opal stones display a gorgeous play of colors and may also have unique patterns. One should always remember that the more intense and brighter the colors of opal, the more expensive it will be. Red color opal is rare and costs more while blue and violet opals are commonly found in different parts of the world. The opal necklace that you choose to buy will depend greatly on the amount you are willing to spend.

  1. Body color and tone of opals

The body color and tone of opal stones are the crucial factors that affect their value and beauty. Dark colored opal stones are more valuable than the light colored ones. This is why opal necklaces with dark body tone opals cost much more than a white opal like this one. The reason is the flashes of colors are more pronounced when the body tone is darker. So, what you are really paying for is the sharpness and intensity of colors emanating from the stone.

  1. Opal brightness

There is a brightness grading scale for opals that categorizes them based on how intense the reflection of colors when it is penetrated by light. Dull/Subdued, bright, and brilliant are the grades. Yes, you might have already guessed it! Bright grade opal stones are the brightest and contain eye-catching colors, this makes them the most expensive stone when you shop them from jewelry. Dull/Subdued opal stones are the least valuable among all different types of opals and they appear milky and have hardly any shine. Bright opals have an average level of brightness when compared to the other two types.

  1. How should you check the clarity of opal stones?

Like other gemstones, there are certain factors that affect the clarity of opal gemstones. The flaws or inclusions that are likely found in opals reduce the overall value of the stone. Before you decide on the jewelry, look for minor cracks that can be found on the surface of the opal. Also, check for inclusions such as rock or sand that can be embedded within the opal stone. You should rethink buying opal from the jewelry if these are larger than visible to the naked eye.

Bottom lines

Opal gemstones are truly one of the most pressures and treasurable gemstones in the world. The attractive colors and beauty of Australian opal stones gained popularity for it in the jewelry designing industry. We, at Australian Fire Opals, understand the real value of opals and have come up with a wide range of opal necklaces that you would love to own.

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The author is a merchant or an opal seller who sell Australian jewelry especially Australian opal necklace to every nook and corner of the world.