If you have a penchant for fun eyewear, this year’s range will satisfy you. From lipstick shades such as red, white, and purple, and yellow and orange, all the way down and blue and green, you’ll see them all in the line of summer sunglasses. Don’t think if you are in the classics any more. Nude, green, and pure white sunlasses sit here. sunglasses 2020


1, Classic Black Sunglasses

Speak of black sunglasses as a face LBD. A pair of old school frames should be a part of your set of accessories regardless of your theme or color preferences. The Wayfarer and Clubmaster frames are a favorite for men, but women may just as easily pull them off.


Oversized black sunglasses are sought after this season amazingly, giving an extra bit of the dramatic flair you need to turn heads everywhere you go.

If you’re a die-hard retro enthusiast, you can also choose to have some of our eyeglass cases, like the Dapper, fitted with sunlenses. Also, you can get prescription sunglasses in the lenses to spare you the hassle of flipping between sizes.


2, Silver Sunglasses

Silver sunglasses will absolutely rock, albeit a dark shade. Just realizing they were a favorite for both Audrey Hepburn and Curt Cobain makes us want to pick them up anytime we see them Nostalgic of the ’70s, white sunnies need to be your best friend this summer if you’re really into retro fashion.



3, Pink, Brown, and Red Lens Sunglasses

Even as 2018 was the year of transparent yellow frames, the time has come to make an entry for gold-colored sunglasses. See-through lenses never got more attractive. Red lenses attract puzzled glances, as opposed to dark frames and lenses. They tell you want to see yourself.





4, Colored Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Horn-rimmed is a popular style that stands the test of time, changing from the classic round form to cat-eye, cube, exaggerated and many more contemporary silhouettes. Even better, horn-rimmed sunlasses have extended to the stunning multicolored tortoise, beyond the normal white.


Take a few horny cat-eyes to demonstrate your sexy style or step up your game with pink, amber or even blue tortoiseshell patterns.


5, Bright sporty Sunglasses

Bright shades are your greatest ally in the summertime, offering you a colorful allure that will impress everyone around you. In 2020, frames decorated with lipsticks staked their point – people are addicted to their bold and sexy look.

Whoever stays by the red is for children, blue is for boys, is required to get with the plan. These woman’s sporty aviators are perfect for a Denim and a T-shirt summer wardrobe.



6, Yellow Shades

Shades made a return in 2020, in bright hues. A bold and flexible style, yellow specs are ideal for summer months, and even better for autumn, bringing a touch of color to your earth-colored wardrobe.


You can play it on the bright, easy side with a full-yellow frame like Peace Out or The Roosevelt With a yellow tortoise like Nice you can even choose to reveal off of your sassy personality.


7, Nude Sunglasses

Nude frames are perfect if you can’t tell which frame is the right choice for your outfit in your Sunglasses collections. They are a good choice and if correctly selected to match your face shape and colour, they will make a statement like any other confident, tall, and blitzed-up sunshine couple.


Skin-colored sunlasses offer an unexpected, costly and clean atmosphere which does not go unnoticed. To finish off your formal looks, select some nude square frames.


8,Green and Blue Sunglasses

Immediately think of shades as you think of summer. Not only do colorful sunglasses suit the warm weather but they also propel you into high style. Sunglasses in colors such as blue and green can be a perfect contrast to your face and will make you feel ever more relaxed and beautiful.


The design of aviator shades flatters both men and women alike. This light blue version will give you an innocent allure in the summertime, while the semi-transparent blue lens evokes a certain mystery which will make you want to learn more about you.




Trends from this year’s sunglasses have a wide variety of choices to choose from, regardless of your choice. So why not stretch yourself to get out of your comfort zone this coming season with an amazing pair of sunglasses to top off your outfits?

Browse our fashionable women’s sunlasses and smart men’s sunglasses range for the latest vintage-inspired fashion sets, if none has caught your attention yet!

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