Hair Accessories for Your Winter Hair & The Way You should Style Them

Have you ever woken up on one of those cold winter mornings to find out that your hair is totally dry, frizzy and unmanageable? On days like this, many of us simply prefer to throw our hair in a messy bun and run out of the house, but we’re here to help change your ways and make your hair routine more vibrant!

Let’s come to the point of Accessories. Whether it’s the latest trendy hat or the classic girly ribbon, the accessories can raise the outfit seriously while also providing a foolproof solution for taming wild winter locks.

For all the beautiful luxurious ladies in need of mid-winter, pick me up for their hair, not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

1) The Baker Boy Hat

The baker boy’s hat has blown up Instagram feed this season, and for good reason! This lovely little hat makes any outfit look instantly trendier, even as simple as a plain white tee and jeans. If you’re hesitant about this trend, just think of it as an up-and – coming girlier with a classic baseball cap.


Ponytail is the best way. It gives you an effortless and edgy look, yet you still seem to be totally put together and chic. Be sure to check out our tutorial on three of our favorite ways to inspire a messy bun!

(2) Geometric Hair Clips

Geometric hair clips are the lazy girl’s hack to instantly gorgeous hair! We ‘re absolutely positive that you’ll receive compliments wearing this unique hairpiece-and of course, we can’t forget to mention how adorable this minimalist piece looks at your Instagram feed!


Our go-to style when it comes to metal hair accessories is an elegant and sleek half-up style. If your hair tends to be on the thin side, half-up styles are the perfect chance to use luxurious hair extensions! Simply clip 2-3 wefts close to the nape of your neck and wrap half of your hair in a twist using a geometric clip.

(3) Beret

Beret is available for everybody whether someone likes blood red or pink, or someone likes with pearls or beads.


You could basically style your hair in any way while wearing a versatile beret, but our personal favorite is romantic, voluminous waves. First, clip in your Luxy Hair extensions for added volume and body, then simply curl your hair from root to tip and let the curls cool. Once fully cooled, run through your fingers to create a softer wave and a blended look.

(4) The Glitzy Bow

A glitzy bow is surprisingly much more versatile than you would have thought! It’s obviously stunning for a special occasion, such as a holiday or a special date night, but it can also dress up a basic, neutral outfit by adding a touch of girly sparkle.


Our favorite way to rock a shiny bow is a loose, elegant half-up twist. Just pull your hair from the front and crown of your head to the ponytail at the middle of the back of your head and fasten it with a hair elastic. Clip or tie the bow to the top to hide the elastic.

(5) Pom Pom Hat

Pom pom hats can be completely customized and come in a wide variety of styles, such as those with adorable double pom pom poms or even faux fur-inspired looks.


Our personal favorite way to wear a pom pom hat is to wear a classic double braid look. Make sure you add the Luxy Hair extensions to give your braids a thick, voluminous look.

(6) Velvet Ribbon

Velvet is a huge fashion trend this winter, so why don’t you translate the trend into your hairstyles as well? We love the look of a velvet ribbon.


Our favorite way to style a velvet ribbon is with an elegant, sleek, low ponytail! Simply smooth your hair at the top and sweep the nap of your neck into a ponytail. For added thickness and length, be sure to clip into the Luxy Hair extensions. Finally, wrap the ribbon around the base of the ponytail to cover the elastic hair.

7) Muffs band

As much as we love our winter hats, sometimes we just don’t need our locks for days to stay sleek and shiny! Luckily, earmuffs are going to be your best friend on the winter days when you’re trying to avoid the inevitable frizz of a hat-head. Earmuff bands are a lovely way to keep you as warm as a hat, yet keep your locks looking fresh, shiny and best of all.


Our favorite style of earmuffs is natural, loose waves. Simply curl your hair with a larger barrel and leave 1-2 inches out at the end of the curl to create a beach wave effect. Check out our tutorial on the Victoria Secret Bombshell waves here to get a look!

8) Touch of a pearl

Pearls is one of our favorite runway trends this season. We love how delicate and feminine pearl detailing looks on a knit sweater, denim, and yes, even in your hair! Pearl hair clips are the perfect extra touch for a special occasion during the winter, whether it’s a wedding or a formal family gathering. We love how pearls can dress up a look and make it look like a lot of effort has been involved when, in reality, all it takes is a few simple clips.


Try our two-minute stylish bun tutorial to get a look! Once the bun is finished, simply pin a few pearl bobby pins around the bun and around it. In no time will you look like a true winter princess!

What’s your favorite winter hair accessory this season?

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