Get Rid Of A Blocked Drain: A Mini–DIY Guide For The Drain Cleaning

Blocked and clogged drains are not a welcoming sight at home. Many homeowners undermine this problem until it becomes grave and creates greater trouble. The best way out is to be prompt and act in advance.  Some easy tips will make it easier to keep the drain clean and free from any clogging. Sometimes blockage in the drain could result from some serious underlying problem. A blocked drain is a common problem faced by many homeowners. In such cases, you must contact a professional Plumber Adelaide to resolve the problem.

Easy tips to get rid of a blocked drain

Simply putting the fact is that if you take care of whatever goes in your drain you will be able to always take care of the blocked drainage issues. But before that, these handy tips will keep the drains clean and prevent blockages:

Throw the leftover food in the dustbin

We might not notice, but sometimes our small act of carelessness can create bigger problems. This may not look like a grave issue in the beginning, over a period, the food particles start accumulating along with water and soap, which eventually leads to blocked drain. The first preventive measure is to discard the leftover food in the bin and then wash the plates in the sink.

Magical potion of vinegar and baking soda

You don’t have to rush for fancy cleaning agents and waste a lot of money for buying such chemicals you have no idea about. Simple products available in your kitchen can magically clear up the blocked drain. Grab vinegar and baking soda. Dust a heap of baking soda in the drainpipe, increase the quantity if required. Followed by pouring down the vinegar and allowing the fizzy reaction to work, which will clear up the drain. After this, pour in some hot water, which will help clear the blocked drains.

Hot water splash

This simple technique can be done every day to prevent blocked drain problems. Heat the water and pour it into the drain at the end of the day. The hot water will remove all the sticky substances present on the pipe, which will help in easily clearing up the drain.

Invest in a plunger

Always keep this tool handy with you. Plungers are a powerful tool to clear up the blocked drain. They are available in different sizes, and you can pick the one that matches your requirement. Using the plunger is simple. Place it over the blocked drain hole and apply the pressure to pull it up and down; the vacuum created inside the plunger will help get rid of blocked drains and will resolve your problem.

Use chemical cleansers

We have knowingly kept his point in the end. Chemical cleaners emit gas and smell, which can create a problem. Hence it is advised that you must wear a mask before using it. Add the chemical cleaner to the blocked area, and you will see the magic happen.

With small steps like the ones mentioned above, you can ensure that the drains are clear and free from any blockage. Despite all these efforts, you may notice that the blocked drain is not getting cleared, and the issue is re-emerging.

In such a case, you must contact a professional plumber who can investigate the problem and resolve it. Make sure that you contact a trained and experienced professional, and they will understand the underlying problem. Also, they have the right set of tools and equipment that will help them learn to drain faster and easily.