List of Things To Have In Your Bathroom

Small or large bathroom, every day you spend time in your bathroom. Room of well-being and relaxation, equipment, and accessories must be carefully chosen. From the choice of furniture to the decoration to the type of radiator, nothing should be chosen at random. To discover the list of things to have in your bathroom supplies, for relaxing baths that allow you to clear your head, practical equipment that makes life easier, and a trendy room. So the room won’t be cluttered with hairbrushes, beauty products, or wet towels!

Essential bathroom equipment

The faucets

The choice of fittings is important for a trendy and ergonomic bathroom. Faucets for the shower, for the bathtub, and for the washbasins, it is a must in the bathroom. The wide choice of sizes, colors, and shapes allows you to choose the faucet that suits you best.

The shower

Tiled shower tray, shower cubicle, walk-in shower… The choice of the shower is made according to the space as well as its possible evacuation in the bathroom. With a shower, the bathroom is functional, practical, and relaxing. It is suitable for the whole family, people with reduced mobility, seniors, and children. The walk-in shower means choosing trends and accessibility, the tiled shower tray means choosing modernity without breaking the bank, then the shower tray means ease of installation and a lower cost. The shower is essential to a practical and modern bathroom.

The bathtub

If you have the space, install a bathtub for an even more comfortable bathroom. After a hard day who has never dreamed of a nice hot bath? Freestanding bathtubs, rectangular bathtubs, hip bathtubs, and many types of bathtubs are available according to your desires and your style. The bathtub encourages the joys of motherhood to moms! It is ideal for bathing the toddler or relaxing on the way home from work. For disabled bathrooms, the bathtub is not the most suitable. There are more risks of slipping and the height of the bathtub does not allow easy access for a person with reduced mobility.

The bathroom furniture

The sinks can be free-standing or built-in. The washbasins are independent. Either we fix it to the wall or we add a column to it. In both cases, many shapes, sizes, and colors are available. Basins and mainly double basins are the most popular. Their functionality and aesthetics add character to the bathroom. Columns, cupboards, furniture under washbasin a wide choice of furniture for the bathroom is available. But choose the furniture that matches your space and won’t clutter up the bathroom.

The toilet

Often, for lack of space, the toilet must be installed in the bathroom. But for a more modern look, choose a wall-hung toilet and dare to use color. You can also isolate it from the rest of the room with removable walls or pretty sliding doors. Practical, economic, cal, and aesthetic solutions to separate the room from the toilet. For a well-equipped bathroom, essential elements are to be added. Here are our tips to make storage easier and make the room more functional while adding a decorative touch.

The mirror

It is the essential element of the bathroom. Indispensable for looking at yourself in the morning for the sake of practicality, it also helps to create an illusion of space. Original mirrors to sublimate the room, round or square, lit or with storage, they are endless!

Small bathroom essentials

In addition to the shower cabin, the toilet, and the storage unit, certain accessories are essential for the layout of a bathroom.

The bath mat avoids wetting the floor every time you get out of the bath.

The trash can: often forgotten, but so useful and practical.