Buy Popcorn Online – What Are The Different Types Of Kernels

One of the snacks that have the global fan is Popcorns. Be at any public place like a movie theatre, park, or any mall, you can see a bunch of people with this snack. It costs less and also does not affect the health as oil fatty snacks do! In the food industry, people who invested in the popcorn sector have always yielded results. The main reason for the profit is due to the low cost of labor and quick supply. This snack is not only delicious but the kernel comes out in different colors and shapes. So, once you have decided to Buy Popcorn Online, know its different shapes and colors by reading the content given below. 

Consider The Types Of Kernel Before Buy Popcorn Online

Generally, the popcorn kernel comes out in two types: butterfly popcorn and mushroom popcorn. Both these types are different in shape and yield varied results.

  • Butterfly Popcorn: It is also called snowflake popcorn. The shape of this popcorn is light and fragile in nature. Protruding wings from all the sides look like butterflies and so does its name signify. You can find this type of popcorn in movie theatres and carnivals. People in this field earn additional profit as the shape is non-uniform and so with less kernel, the serving size can be filled.
  • Mushroom Popcorn: Compared to butterfly popcorn, mushroom popcorn has more fans. This compact ball-shaped kernel is larger and denser. Also, they are less fragile than the snowflake popcorn. The compact shape helps against holding up the stirring and coating process. Generally, this popcorn is ideal for gourmet applications like adding cheese, caramel, and so on. This type of kernel is the best for preparing kettle corn. 

Types Of Popcorn Kernel Colors

Do you know that the popcorn is not available only in yellow color! The difference in the popping of kernel results in the difference in size, color, and texture. To know the different colors of the kernel, continue your read.

  • Yellow Popcorn Kernels: As mentioned, the common and well-known popcorn is yellow kernel popcorn. The cost of this popcorn is less, but tastes delicious. You can even experience a slightly nutty flavor when having this color popcorn.
  • Red Popcorn Kernels: Can you imagine that kernel comes out in red colors? Yes, it does! A red popcorn kernel is relatively smaller than other types of popcorn. It gives out the taste of tender flake with a slightly nutty flavor. An interesting fact of this type of kernel is that when it pops the kernel turns white.
  • Blue Popcorn Kernels: It also pops and gives a result similar to that of red kernels. It is sweeter than the larger kernel pop. The main cause for turning blue hue kernel to white when pooped is due to starch content inside it.
  • White Popcorn Kernels: This popcorn is also called rice popcorn as it looks alike rice granules. Many foodies love to eat this snack with atouch of salt and butter for extra yumminess. It is also regarded as the healthiest snack variety. 

Best Oil For Popcorn

Many get confused about which oil to be used for making the delicious popcorn! While preferring the cooking oil, know its smoke point and choose the best.  Smoke point refers to the temperature at which oil breaks and gives out the benefit. By knowing it, you can understand which oil can handle the heat of the kettle. Sometimes people miss noticing it, resulting in burning or changing of nutritional content in the popcorn. Few best options are coconut oil (3500F-4500 F), canola oil (4500F- 4750F) and sunflower oil (4250F-4500F). 

Closing Lines

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