Complete Guideline On Commercial Solar Panels Cleaning

Save Energy Save Earth is becoming a trendy slogan globally! The over-dependence on non-renewable resources results in the drastic reduction of their availability. Fossil-based electricity is one of the highly demanding resources by humans. Since its harming the environment and hurts the pocket, many try to use close substitutes for power supply. Using of Commercial Solar Panels has become one of the finest alternatives as its efficiency is high and cost low. Although it comes with a guarantee of 20-25 years, it is necessary to keep the panel clean with appropriate maintenance. To know what causes solar panel dust and the ways to clean it, continue your read.

What Causes Commercial Solar Panels Dirt?

Exposure To Dust: Solar panel installations are done on the rooftop or area with direct sunlight. Due to the exposure to the dust and pollutant in the atmosphere, the panels will accumulate dirt. The build-up of dirt in commercial panels is higher relatively than in domestic panels.

Fertilizer:  Commercial farming uses solar panels for better productivity. The fertilizer and nitrogen-rich dust in the surrounding accumulate on the panels. In these farming areas, the presence of birds is relatively high, and so do their droppings. It can also cause a reduction in energy production.

Best Ways To Clean The Panels

There are numerous options to clean the solar panels. Whether you clean regularly or once in a while, you need to use the right equipment for effective results.

Water Hose Cleaning: One of the easiest ways to clean the panels is with a hose from the ground level. You cannot use this method to clean the solar panels on the industrial rooftops, because it will not give a productive cleaning result. The water spray should fall like rainwater on the complete panel. Some tough stains like bird poop need a second or third shower for the removal. As you stay on the ground for cleaning purposes, the level of danger is almost nil.

Common Myths About Solar System Melbourne Dispelled

Using Isopropyl Alcohol: It’s suggestible to avoid using soap or detergent for removing stubborn dirt. This will leave residue on the panels, thus resulting in attracting more. Therefore, use isopropyl alcohol to clean the panels. If the solar installation is on the roof then ensure your safety before climbing up. Don’t stand on modules as it may result in a break and fall.

Using Soft Brushes: Don’t use any other brush rather than specifically meant for solar panel cleaning. Using hard bristles brush will leave scratches on the solar panels that will eventually result in reducing the solar panel efficiency. If you have any doubt about using the right equipment consult with the manufacturer.


Ending Lines

The above-given are the reasons for Commercial Solar Panels Dirt and ways to clean it. If you are planning to buy the best solar panels, then you should surely visit Cygnus Energy. We are your one-stop solar system solution. Our professional team offers the best service meeting customers’ demands without fail.