5 Top Tips For Finding Squat-Proof Leggings

The quality of your workouts should not be determined by the clothes you wear. The least of your worries should be whether others can see your clothing is low quality, and worst of all see-through. Quality gym clothing is one of the essentials for the recipe for a great workout. Having the correct gym gear that allows your body to move around freely, and also allow air to follow freely, and cool your body down without having thin, transparent material is an absolute must. Working out without the fear of judgement is the ultimate goal, and ensuring your leggings are squat-proof is just one way to get closer to this enlightening moment.

Benefits Of Squat Proof 

As the name would suggest, leggings that are squat-proof provide their wearer the utmost comfort and flexibility no matter the workout. Squatting without the fear of material breaking or being seen through can provide you with a lot of peace of mind. The benefits may be a more enjoyable workout, as you are not having spells of anxiety from the thought of a wardrobe malfunction. Additionally, you may find that your confidence is increased as the higher quality squat-proof leggings can a lot of the time be the most flattering for any body type with body-shaping qualities. Also, if a large chunk of your routine involves weight training for the glutes especially, wearing leggings that allow you to get into the depth of the movement can result in larger and faster gains as a result of your workouts.

Materials To Look Out For

When it comes to the materials used in gym leggings there are a few things to consider. Materials such as cotton is a frequently used material in gym leggings as it is very breathable and tends to dry quickly. One thing to keep in mind if looking for cotton leggings is they are most susceptible to shrinkage after washing them, so keep that in mind after allowing them to stay in a dryer for too long! Materials like spandex and lycra are frequently used in squat-proof leggings purely for the thick yet stretchy materials that allow movement whilst hugging your figure. We would suggest looking for leggings that at least have some mixture of materials that include spandex ( perhaps with elastane as well for extra flexibility) because they have often been tested for the best durability and breathability. 

Test Drive Before Removing Labels 

If you manage to find some promising leggings, make sure you take them for a spin before you take the tag off. By this we mean you need to move in them as you would in the gym, and do it in front of a mirror or ask a friend to join your try-on haul. Whether you are trying them in-store or from home delivery, try to squat in the leggings as much as possible to ensure they are not see-through when doing so. You may find that they are see-through, if not there are threads loose that would lead to the assumption that they will at some point rip. If you notice any of these things you should refrain from buying them, and do not worry if they have even broken whilst trying them on as you should still be entitled to a full refund assuming that the tags are still attached. Just make sure you label the item as faulty for the reason for return.

Quality Over Quantity 

If you are looking for leggings that will last you in the long term, price is an important item to factor in. It is common knowledge that investing more now will benefit you for longevity in the future, and gym leggings are no exception to this rule. Buying a large bulk of leggings for the price of one pair of quality leggings may seem like a smart idea at the same time, but in the long term, you will spend more on repeating your purchase of low-quality leggings. If you invest now into higher quality leggings, they will be more likely to stand the test of time plus you can decide for yourself what brands you like or dislike over the gradual time of making new purchases. Think of it this way, you would rather purchase new gym leggings to expand your current wardrobe rather than replace your poor-quality pieces that can not be worn or fixed. 

Read The Reviews

Many people underestimate the value of leaving a review, it helps customers make informed decisions, and time is saved for the customers looking to purchase that product. In current online shops there occasionally is some misinformation in terms of what the products look like. The colour of an item might look completely different on the site compared to what it does in real life due to heavy photoshop editing and other elements. Luckily a lot of sites now offer customer reviews with the ability to insert images of what the product looks like, whether it is true to size and the overall product rating.