Advantages of Purchasing Truck Seat Covers

The obligation to stay sedentary for the bulk of the time spent on the work is a harsh reality in the trucking industry. The typical truckers work 60 hours per week for seven days or 70 hours per week for eight days.

While drivers are not permitted to work more than 14 hours in a row, 11 of those hours may be spent traveling, culminating in far over 40 hours per week committed behind the wheels. KAB performance seats have a wide range of UD Truck Seats.

Long work shifts are required of truck drivers, and seat coverings assist to improve their day-to-day experience on the road. Aside from the apparent benefit, there are several more advantages to covering semi-truck seating in your fleet’s cars. To provide you with a better picture, we’ll go over the key advantages of truck seat coverings.


Installation is simple.

Most commercial vehicle seat coverings are simple to install and do not require any equipment or professional experience. That means less difficulty and downtime for your vehicles, allowing them to get back on the road fast and ready for business.

However, changing the upholstery or seating pieces in your truck may necessitate the assistance of a skilled expert. This also necessitates a significantly larger time investment.


Maintenance is less difficult

Many seat coverings are easily removable and machine washable. In rare circumstances, a moist cloth may be used to clean the cover, but no extensive interior detailing work is required if there is a spillage or if the standard truck seat covers become dirty in any other way.

Some substances are stain-resistant, which protects the upholstery even more. Pay close attention, however, to guidelines for caring for specific materials, including such leather.



Aside from being dirt resistant, each seat cover is also extremely durable and wear-resistant. Our heavy-duty vehicle seat covers can take just about everything, from leather and strong materials that don’t absorb moisture to cloth that can easily be washed off.

Covering also safeguards your vehicle seats from scratching, scuffs, cracking, UV, and heat damage, as well as exterior dirt and filth.


Pricing that is reasonable

We provide high-quality commercial semi-truck seat coverings at low costs from brands like Bostrom, National, ISRI, Sears, and more. Drivers may enjoy the pleasure of a leather seat without having to pay a hefty price.

Furthermore, these seat coverings are designed to assist every passenger on any sort of journey. Vehicle seat coverings are a realistic expenditure worth considering in almost every circumstance, given the expense of refinishing or replacing truck seats these days.


Obtain the Advantages of Truck Seat Covers

Professional truck seat covers are an excellent method to protect the state of your seating as well as the inside of your automobile. They guard against more costly seat damage from stains, wear, and tear, and even heat exposure.

Drivers can be comfortable all day without worrying about food or drinks leaking and harming the seat materials.


KAB Performance Seating

The advantages of vehicle seat coverings cannot be overstated. They provide high-quality covers from major brands and are the largest authorized dealer for a number of aftermarket truck seat manufacturers and also car wraps.