Labret Studs For Nose: Positives and Negatives

Nose piercing looks chic and can make you look elegant. The labret nose stud uses a stud at one end and a flat disc at the other. It sits comfortably on the nose and can be worn daily. Some labret studs feature a detachable gemstone or stone on the other end.

Not often used in the nose piercing, but can be used as a nose ring. The detachable end of the studs is screwed in the post, which provides comfort. Some studs simply snap into the place. Also, labrets are not specially created for nose piercing rings – still, they make a popular choice for nose piercing.

They are easy to wear and simple to use. Some people find the labret style piercing more comfortable than the screw types. Before you buy labret studs for your nose, know about the positives and negatives.

The gauge of piercing:

Labret piercing style is available in the two most common gauge sizes, which are 16 and 18. It helps you select the right size of the stud according to comfort.

The size is perfect as 20 mm is too thick for someone who wants the jewelry to be on the lighter side. The post length of labret is also an important consideration. The typical length is 6mm, which offers a uniform size in the studs.


  • Though it is a simple piercing style, it gives you a cool look and makes you look different.
  • The healing time of labret piercing is faster compared to other piercing styles.
  • It is highly versatile, and there are many variations in the piercing style.
  • You can dress it up as you want, giving it a unique look.
  • A labret nose stud can be left in place for a long time.
  • As it conforms to your nostrils, you don’t have to worry about the discomfort.


  • Labret nose studs are ideal but may require cleaning over time. After healing, you will have to clean the piercing for a long.
  • If the piercing style is left open, it can close up and may require a re- piercing.
  • Piercing on the face is also susceptible to infections, so requires extra care.
  • Labret posts are tricky, as you have to put the piece through your nostrils, which could hurt you in the process.
  • It may be unsuitable for sensitive skin and infection-prone skin types.
  • Getting a definite size may be tough.

To Sum up,

Labret nose studs are popular for their design and comfort. You can change the studs easily and conveniently. At times, the studs can be mixed with interchangeable beads or gems. Besides, the stud style has a flat back plate at one end and a threaded accessory at the other end.

Some people find labretstyle nose piercing more convenient than the traditional nose piercing styles available. The typical nostril screw causes discomfort if worn for a longer time. But, this is not the case with labret nose stud design. You can select labret studs for the nose based on the size and charm of the studs.