How to Get the Best Prices of Fashion in Singapore

Fashion shopping seems to be a regular pastime for Singaporeans. So often, malls are stoked, and it is pretty common to see Singaporeans go on spending sprees on gorgeous and dazzling dresses. But with the influx of numerous brands selling almost similar products, the prices of fashion products are inevitably increasing, which is why the ability to bargain for the best prices is highly crucial.

Indeed, getting the most out of your shopping requires specific tips, including setting a pre-shopping budget, patronizing reputable stores, and, importantly, trying common internet short-cuts like pouncing on coupons, and even setting sales alerts. In this article, we’ve comprehensively explained how you can get the best fashion prices in Singapore.

Top 5 Tips to Get the Best Prices of Fashion in Singapore.

1. Prepare a Pre-Shopping Budget.

Surely, you wouldn’t go shopping out of impulse and not make any prior effort to analyze the prices of goods you want. If there’s anything, going shopping without any premeditated research will take a massive toll on your finances because there’s a high likelihood that you’ll spend more than you’ve wished – But you can beat the over-indulgence by preparing a pre-shopping budget.

Besides saving you from impulsive purchases, you’ll be more informed to bargain for products efficiently. To your delight, Shop Savvy is a handful of software tools that helps juxtapose the prices of famous stores, making you know the brands with the ideal costs of what you’re interested in buying.

2. Patronize Reputable Stores.

A highly industrialized country, Singapore is home to numerous clothing stores selling both men’s and women’s clothing; some of these stores are retail, and a considerable number are also wholesales. But it can be frustrating trying to patronize the most reputable.

Many people don’t seem to understand which is which, but getting the best fashion prices means patronizing the best stores in the country. Major reputable stores with reasonable prices and a wide variety of products include SINGSALE, a retail store based in the capital city, Anchorpoint, IMM Outlet store, Changi City Point, and Mustafa, to name a few. Some of these stores offer men’s and women’s clothing online too.

3. Learn How to Properly Bargain

It is often said that there’s a way when there’s a bargain. This cliché is never missed when shopping for men’s and women’s clothing in Singapore. Undoubtedly, the ability to bargain is an essential skill, especially if you enjoy shopping. It is obviously normal for retailers to increase the prices of products, certainly out of the goal of making profits.

But of course, you must negotiate and bargain to a price ideal for both parties. Don’t be intimidated by excessive prices; even the most awful products are placed under impressionable prices. Buying products at unflinching prices will either make you overspend and if you’re unlucky, you might not even get the best value for your price.

4. Use Coupons.

Using coupons is a meaty prospect for people who love to shop online. However, instead of overspending, coupons are price-effective means for buying products at a significantly discounted rate. Therefore, an ordinary pair of shoes that ordinarily costs $50 can be sold for $25 at a 50% discount slash rate.

Certainly, this is a tricky way to get the best of fashion prices and, fortunately, at significant discounts. Although coupons don’t work in physical stores, alternative means like gift cards and sales week exist to help you get products at discounted prices.

5. Go For Decent Price and Quality.

Don’t hesitate to buy the best quality always. While some prices can appear slightly over the odds, they are justifiable as the quality dovetails in tandem with the price. The only way to know this is to ensure due diligence through pre-shopping research. This is especially important as you’ll know the original prices of goods, therefore, quickly spotting when retail prices are highly costly.


Singaporeans have a knack for shopping just as much as everybody else. In fact, in Singapore, shopping is a means of pastime and a way to socialize. Recognizing this, brands have moved considerably to one of the world’s fashion capitals, which has resulted in expensive fashion products as some prices are obviously over-priced.

Apart from bargaining, you must note a few other essential tips when purchasing fashion products in Singapore. We hope that you find our best 5 stores where you can get the best prices of Fashion in Singapore helpful. For further questions, don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment section.