The Best Summer Holiday Microtrends for 2023

Now that the weather is scorching, we can be certain about the fact that it is definitely summer! If you’ve got plenty of summer holidays with your friends coming up, you’ll be worried about what the best trends will be, and what you should pack for your upcoming vacation. However, packing for a summer holiday will be easy once you’ve read about all of the most popular trends this summer! According to fashion runways, commentators and the high street, here are the best summer holiday microtrends for 2023.

2023’s Best Summer Holiday Microtrends


In the past few years, we’ve seen fashion aesthetic movements such as cottage core and apocalypse core become major fashion movements. However, this summer, mermaid core is set to be one of the defining fashion moments. Inspired by the recent reboot of The Little Mermaid, fashion and makeup brands alike are using elements of the sea in their designs. Sea-shell-shaped purses, mirror-scale fabrics and shimmery eyeshadows are already dominating high-street fashion. Swimwear is also seeing a lot of mermaid-inspired looks and designs, so if you want to turn heads by the pool on your summer holiday, keep an eye out for this trend.

Improve Your Net-Worth

No, this fashion trend isn’t about how many investments you have. However, net fabrics are going to be extremely popular in the summer of 2023. Netted outerwear will be one of the most popular fashion items for summer holidays, and will be a must-have item for wearing at the beach over swimwear for a relaxed, boho-chic look. If you want to participate in this trend but prefer to cover up at the beach, why not opt for a net picnic-style bag to take on summer holiday excursions, or as a beach bag?

Deep Purple

One of the defining colour schemes you should keep in mind when you’re packing for a summer holiday in 2023 has got to be purple. 2023 has been a very royal year, with a coronation and other royal celebrations happening over the summer. Deep, traditionally regal colours such as reds and purples will be extremely popular on both the runway and the high street when it comes to summer holiday fashion. The best thing about colours like red and purple is that they are available in a shade that suits every skin tone. If you want to look regal on your summer holiday in 2023, pick out some purple-toned clothing.

Gold and Bold

The defining metal for the summer holidays in 2023 has to be gold. Although gold metalwork is usually associated with summer as it is warmer toned, there have been years where silver has been more popular. However, this year gold is back, and bolder than ever. Dainty, subtle jewellery is out – statement jewellery such as wide earrings and chunky bangles are more popular than ever. If you to make your accessory game the best it can be on your summer holiday, you should definitely be looking to update your inventory with some gold, bold jewellery pieces.

Thanks, It Has Pockets!

This trend may be one of the most useful fashion microtrends that will ever happen to womenswear. In the past, pockets on women’s clothes have been extremely rare – however, that may all change due to summer holiday fashion in 2023. Large pockets have been spotted on the early summer runways this year, on cargo trousers, skirts and even summer dresses! This is definitely one of the most useful summer holiday fashion trends to be on the lookout for – imagine all the luggage space you’ll save!

The Bigger, The Better

On the topic of hand luggage, if you’re looking to update your everyday bag for your summer holiday, the bigger the better! Due to the revival of 90s fashion and Y2K style, mini handbags have been an extremely popular accessory choice for the past couple of years. However, this is all expected to change in 2023. Tote bags, statement large clutches and cross-body bags have all been spotted on the runway, and are slowly making their way to high street stores. Just like the extra pockets trend, this is a great way to include extra storage space within women’s fashion!


If you’re looking for an innovative evening outfit for your summer holiday, you should definitely look into corporate core style clothing. This has become very popular when it comes to more formal summer holiday fashion in 2023. For example, oversized blazers are one of the must-have items this summer and are great when styled with trousers for a chic evening look, or cycling shorts for a casual daytime outfit. One of the most popular predicted ways to style an oversized blazer for your summer holiday in 2023 will be with a matching long skirt, so if you’re looking to improve your summer wardrobe, definitely add an oversized blazer.

Are You Cut Out For This?

Cutouts will be one of the most popular fashion statement styles for the summer holidays in 2023. Designed to show more skin and perfect for keeping cool in the summer months, cutouts are being seen on long and short dresses alike. On long dresses, cutouts give long, elegant dresses a bit of edge, and are very popular when it comes to wedding guest dresses. On short dresses, they make for great clubwear, so if you’re planning a party summer holiday you should definitely look into this trend. The cutout trend is available in all sizes and shapes, so you will be sure to find something that suits you.

Without a doubt, these summer holiday microtrends will dominate popular fashion in 2023. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe or reinvent your look in time for your summer holiday, you should definitely keep an eye out for these on-point trends.